Corona Journal, 24-28 May: Days 69-73

The return of the Corona Journal, after 4 days off. Honestly, I think the pressure of posting something funny on Day 69 just got to me. Anyway, I’m back, and ready to give you a rundown of the truly wild happenings of the last 4 days. 24 May The wildest thing to happen today was that I went to see the little kitten down the road to give her breakfast. Usually, I avoid giving names on this platform but I’m sure the kitten won’t mind – her name is Ziggy. I found her curled up on a blanket. I gave her a cuddle and she started purring like a… well, like a kitten, and I have never felt such acceptance in my life. I have always been a staunch dog person but I guess I’m a feline convert now.

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