Corona Journal, 30 May: Day 75

11am I have finished my lessons for the day. K unexpectedly springs on me that he’d like to do French instead of Italian, so my lesson plan goes out of the window and instead I make things up on the spot.

2pm Friend drives round with pillow cases she has turned into laundry bags so that we can wash boyfriend’s scrubs separately from other clothes and we go for a socially distant walk. It’s very nice to see her, even if slightly weird talking to her from the other side of a bench.

4pm We walk back home and friend hops back into her car. I go back to the park as it’s such a gorgeous day.

5pm Lying in the park. Meant to read my book but end up scrolling the news and Instagram, reading about George Floyd and the protests in America. Feel furious and scared and guilty and devastated. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re the kind of person to have already researched ways you can help, but if not, this Instagram post from das.penman is a really good way to start with some actionable points that you can do from the UK.

6:40pm Get blasted out of my thoughts by the park keepers starting to blow their whistles loudly and aggressively as the park shuts at 7pm.

7pm Back home and read my book for a few hours.

8pm Flatmate has cooked a guineafowl that was reduced in Waitrose (“Can you tell we’re in north London?” he asks as he sets it on the table) and we eat it in wraps with coleslaw, tomatoes and hummus. It’s incredible.