Corona Journal, 29 May: Day 74

11:30am Didn’t put an alarm on today and this is the time my body chose to wake me up; so be it. How glorious to wake up at 11.30 on a Friday. How weird that it doesn’t strike me as weird any more.

1pm Have been writing the Corona Journal (this is meta, isn’t it?). Been catching up on all the days I missed out, which is forcing me to think about what I’ve actually done over the past few days.

2pm Boyfriend arrives home from the park where he has been reading in the sun. I am just on my way outside to report my tomato seedlings which have grown too big for their tiny pots and are starting to look a bit sad.

2:10pm Steal the big plant pot that has been sitting on our stairs for the entire 2 years we have lived here.

2:15pm We don’t have a garden, so am repotting on the patio bit out by the bins. Keeping it classy x

2:20pm Have never repotted anything before. Realise as I dig out my baby tomato plants that I should probably have at least watched a YouTube video on this before diving in, but it’s too late now. Boyfriend says I’m doing a good job, but he has to say that.

2:25pm Quite enjoying this whole plant thing, to be honest. I could get on board with this.

2:35pm Also plant some of the basil seeds that mum sent at Easter and some of the ‘Melissa Gin’ seeds (which came with the big order of gin mum sent, obviously). I have no idea what Melissa Gin seeds are, nor am I going to look it up. I want to be pleasantly surprised.

2:40pm Unsure how to plant them really, so just scatter a few of them into the pot and cover them with compost. Next step is to water them and cross my fingers.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 13.25.28WhatsApp Image 2020-05-30 at 13.25.31 (1)

5pm Head to the park to read in the sun with a posh cider and a magnum – both of which, I can confirm, were delicious. The park is heaving with people, but everyone seems to be socially distancing. Unfortunately this does mean that I am pretty much never more than 2m away from a shouting/screaming child. Socially distanced they may be, but I’d rather they were further away, to be honest.