Corona Journal, 2 June: Day 78

9am Am in front of my computer, waiting for M to log in. Eventually, their very friendly nanny appears on the screen. She turns the webcam to the side and I get a full view of M, lying stark naked with his back to me, his bum as white as milk. I burst out laughing and tell him, posso vedere il tuo fondoschiena! He starts laughing too and turns around.

9:15am Have managed to persuade him to put some pants on.

9:20am His dad comes to sit next to him to see what we’re up to in the lesson, and he tells his dad – don’t you hurt my Annie! which makes me melt.

9:35am Please put your judging faces away because I bought four more pieces of plastic crap to entertain him with and it cost me… well, I don’t really want to admit how much they cost me, but it’s a figure that starts with ‘s’ and ends with ‘eventeen ninety-nine’. That’s not even the worst bit. The worst bit is that I have a horrible craving to spend £5 on the final pink piece of crap so that I have the whole collection. I wish I could pretend this is about M, but it’s not.

101505760_259951958542349_7258901528067440640_nScreenshot 2020-06-02 at 14.12.44

11am Horrible, worrying news concerning travel editor job and the company I was working for. Start aimlessly scrolling LinkedIn.

1:30pm Pour myself a glass of wine. Stop judging me, you’ve been daydrinking too.

2pm Waiting online for K as he asked for an extra Italian lesson today.

2:10pm He hasn’t shown up.

2:15pm I text him and ask him if he would still like a lesson. No response.

3pm Trying to lesson plan but can’t concentrate.

4pm Watch the Killing Eve finale. My in-depth analysis and hot take is meh.

4:30pm Response from K saying he doesn’t think he’ll be able to do a lesson today after all. No apology. I am so dobbing him in to his dad.

6pm Go for a walk as I haven’t left the house today. Recently finished Becoming by Michelle Obama on audiobook and have moved on to the Harry Potter series; I’m currently on The Prisoner of Azkaban. I don’t think I ever realised when I was younger quite how idiotic, annoying and self-centred Harry is.

8pm Home again and trying to read for book club, but again, my mind is elsewhere.

9pm Give up and put on a show that was recommended to me called Pose.

9:45pm I’m hooked. Pose has sorted out my concentration problem – nothing has been able to hold my attention for more than half an hour in weeks!